Launch It!

Attention Business Owners Looking To Launch A Product or Service This Fall!

Learn The Exact Launch Strategy That Has Generated $5k, $20k, and $30k In Sales On My Clients First Launches!

(Launching Has Never Been Easier or More Fun...)

You need to know whether your current audience is loyal or not - do you currently have a buying market/audience? If not, you need to go find those buyers and start networking.

This VALUE PACKED 6 Week Mini Training Series Will:

  • Teach You How To Prepare And Execute Your Launch
  • Force You To Actually Prepare And Execute Your Launch - You Will Not Be Left High And Dry To Figure It Out On Your Own. Not Under My Watch!
  • Help You Understand Whether Your Current Audience Is Loyal Or Not - Whether You Currently Have A Buying Market/Audience. If You Dont, You'll Need To Go Find Those Buyers And Start Networking. Launching Will Teach You All Of This.

The success of your very first launch might look different from someone else's, but you need a benchmark in order to improve with each subsequent launch.

I have had clients make $5k, $20k, and even $30k on their first launch.  

I have also had clients make $0 on their first launch.  

The trend is that those who make the big $$$ followed my launch outline exactly as prescribed. Those who made $0 learned a lot about themselves and even more about their current market to know exactly what they needed to do to move forward from their failed launch and make every subsequent launch more successful.  

Having a successful launch is really a very simple formula. This formula is exactly what I am going to teach you how to create and follow in my mini series. This will be delivered with video's and 1:1 voxer communication with Jenna (think walkie-talkie-style). You will receive a live video 1x per week for 6-weeks and will have "walkie-talkie" access to Jenna 1x per week.  

You will be ready to Launch It! in just 6 weeks! Let's get to it!

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